"Pigeon Blood" Red- The Ruby

We have no idea where the phrase came from, but it's an industry standard- fine rubies are pigeon blood red. If you're going to wear red this Valentine's Day, it should be a ruby. 

Tickled Pink- Pink Sapphire and Tourmaline

Sweet shades of pink are hard to resist, especially on the most romantic day of the year. Take a peek!  

Morganite- Soft as a Whisper

Morganite beholds a soft, peachy-pink hue and is often set in rose gold to enhance its tone.

Love is in Bloom with Rose Gold.

Rose gold made its entrance in the 19th century and its popularity has made a huge comeback in the past few years. Rose gold illuminates any skin tone with a soft ethereal glow. 

Purple Passion

Amethyst jewlery makes for an excelent Valentine's day gift, especially when your sweetie is born in February, as it doubles for her birthstone! Amethyst is a healing stone when placed in your home or work space, as it promotes inner strength and protection. 

Hearts and Other Symbols of Love.


What Would Valentine's Day Be Without Some Gold?